The 10,000 Watt Spotlight on Customer (Dis)Satisfaction

The results of an interesting survey have just been released that provide some strong support for a diligent and consistent commitment to customer service. The survey is one of the first we have read showing the impact customer service has in terms of shaping a company’s online reputation. It is worth reading the text of […]

Meet us in Person at the National Home Show this week!!

Tom and I will be appearing on the main stage of the National Home Show this Thursday for a panel discussion.  I hope that you’ll take the time to stop by.  Thanks to Nancy at Homestars for inviting us.

‘Custom Software Development’ Not Just For Big Business

Say ‘custom software development’ to a small business owner, and you are likely to receive a look of dread and horror. Visions of really expensive software solutions taking twice as long to implement immediately come to mind, accompanied by many hair-pulling meetings with programmers explaining that ‘you didn’t specify that functionality.’ To be fair to […]