Marketing – Connect With Your Customers


We Create Your Brand.

What’s a brand? It’s not just a logo.  Your brand defines your business and the products and services that you offer your customers.  If you’re just starting out, we’d love to help to define your vision so that you’ll get customers quickly.  If you’ve been in business awhile, we can help you refresh your look and focus your offering.  This way your old customers will continue to love you while you attract new ones.

We don’t just talk about your brand though. We’ll create the logo, print materials, business cards, and everything else you need too. You’ll get a more professional look than if you did it yourself (unless you’re a graphic designer) and since our brand services are included in all our marketing packages, we provide much more value to you than if you just hired a freelancer or friend.

We Get You Liked On Facebook

Being where the customers are has always been a staple of attracting business.  Did you know Facebook has over 500 MILLION active members?  With the next generation of homeowner, shopper, and business owner spending so much of their time on sites like this can you really afford to not be there too?

Look, it’s ok to not know what a “tweet” is or how to get “fans”.  We’ll help you by setting up your social media profiles. We’ll explain how the most popular sites work, how to best attract customers, and the costs. Then we’ll manage the entire thing each month for you.  You don’t need to become a social media expert to start growing your business. You can just be friends with us.

We Build and Manage Your Website

These days getting a website isn’t hard. It’s also not very expensive. In recent months, there’s actually been a number of free website services that have popped up. Most firms won’t tell you that.

However, choosing designs, preparing images, and writing copy and content still needs to be done. Keeping the website current and up to date is also a necessity for continuing to attract customers online. These are jobs that take your time away from other important things.  Why not let us do them for you.

Tiny Briefcase becomes your marketing department for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone.  Since we bring years of experience in developing brands and campaigns for small business, your small business will have an online home that you’ll be proud of.

We Prepare You For Growth

Once you’ve established your brand, built a great website, and acquired a following on social media you’ll need to be prepared to handle the increased workload that all the new customers will generate.  You don’t want to have to stop doing the work you love to deal with the administration that traditionally goes with being a small business owner. Don’t worry.  At Tiny Briefcase we love operations just as much as marketing so we can help you with bookkeeping, invoicing, tracking customer orders, answering phones, and much more.