Operations – Support For Your Growth 

We Keep your Business Running

Imagine being able to add resources to your team when you need them, and where you need them, without the expense of hiring new full-time staff.  We provide flexible operations support across a broad range of areas. Have a particularly difficult project that requires constant oversight? We’ll create a project management system to help keep everything on time and on-budget, then assist in the day-to-day oversight. An experienced project manager can provide insights that reduce costs, uncover new efficiencies, or reveal new business opportunities.

As your business grows, you may see the need for of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, such as those from NetSuite or Sage. Instead of hiring integrators and consultants, we can implement web-based solutions at a fraction of the cost, deploying systems seamlessly into your organization. We’ll select, customize, and implement the system that matches your needs, then train you and your staff to use the right features to make your business run smoothly.

We’ll Put Paper Behind Your Business

Success means paperwork. Contracts, policies, manuals – they are all part of growing a long-lasting business. They also need your fingers on a keyboard to craft a document tailored to how you work, and the values your company holds.  Often it can feel like you are reinventing the wheel, particularly after hours laboring to write a document that doesn’t resemble the ‘template’ you borrowed from your cousin. Is this the best use of your time?

We work with specialists who have deep experience crafting business documents, including legal expertise in contract and labor law. We’ll come up with the policy manual, contract, or agreement that suits your needs, is easy to understand, and fits with your core values. Creating solid internal and external documentation not only protects you and your business, they also let employees, customers and clients know exactly what they can expect from you.

We Turn Ideas Into Reality

Have an idea for a great new product? Need to redesign an existing product, or position it for a new audience? Your amazing idea can’t become a product until the specs are done, prototypes created, and production ramped up.

Our product designer experts can help you flesh out your initial concept and give you ideas and input on materials, processes, and manufacturing solutions.Once your great idea becomes reality, you’ll want a package to match the beauty of the design. Whether you need a label, a simple package, or a multi-part and product set of packaging, we can help you reinforce your business identity and help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace. You deliver first class products, and your packaging should match that level of quality – let us reach that standard, then go beyond.


We Help You Grow

When you’ve outgrown strategic outsourcing, and need someone with you fulltime, leave it to us to locate the top talent your business deserves. Finding great employees is hard work that drains time and resources from your day, not to mention the skills to interview dozens of potential employees to find the perfect fit.

Using innovative online tools and highly-skilled recruiters, we can attract outstanding talent for your company and present you with the top candidates to interview personally. You get to focus on making the final decision, not posting to job sites hoping to land the perfect candidate. We’ll also handle the reference checks, a key part of any recruitment process often overlooked in small businesses. Compared to recruiters, using TinyBriefcase is a fraction of the cost, can cast a wider net, and can deliver quickly and efficiently.