IT – Solutions That Build Your Business

We lift You Up To The Clouds

The ‘Cloud’ is getting plenty of press these days, but most of us don’t need ‘data warehouses’ and ‘virtualization services’, nor are we interested in watching TV remotely, or editing pictures through a browser.

Fortunately, the ‘Cloud’ offers an array of powerful software tools that small business can take advantage of (called Software as a Service, or SaaS). Instead of purchasing software and installing it on just one computer, all you need is a browser to access SaaS. Whether you are using your iPhone on the road, or at a hotel business centre, your information and files are available on-demand. Plus, you can share your data with a click of a button, enabling collaboration across town and across the globe.
SaaS products are affordable, powerful, and easily managed. Instead of struggling with software conflicts and ‘critical fixes’, you rent a reliable software solution for as long as you need it.

How do you get started? You could sort through the hundreds of solutions available on the market, or you can place a call to us. We aren’t just experts in a wide array of SaaS products; we also understand how small businesses can take advantage of each one. We identify the best solution for your needs, customize the software for your business, and show you how to make the most of the software. Give us a call and we’ll lift you into the Cloud.

We’ll Pack your Bags When You Go Mobile

Every day, more businesses are adding mobile data to their operations. Smartphone penetration is expected to double over the next 18 months in Canada, and tablets (like the iPad) are opening up new possibilities for working on the road or in the field. Mobile applications are proving to be invaluable for saving money by streamlining processes, eliminating paper clutter, and reducing data errors. These applications are also big revenue streams for entrepreneurs and small businesses, even if the application targets just a small niche.

Whether you’ve got a clever idea for the next great Blackberry app, or you want to bring your core desktop application into a mobile form, we can create exactly what you’re looking for. We have specialists in every platform who can rapidly create a robust application for far less than you’d think. Do you see a need in your industry for a specialty application? With Tiny Briefcase, you can create, package, and sell that application without taking time away from your core business. We take care of the entire process, and can also assist in the marketing and promotion of your solution.

We Wrestle Your Data Into Shape

Your business is creating valuable data every day. Customer profiles, purchasing patterns, demographic details – all that data can help shape your business strategy and seize opportunities when they arise.

To properly capture and analyze that information, you need a database. Gone are the days where a database simply stored information. Operational databases let you or your clients modify data, analyze your data with powerful reports, and provide real-time information at your fingertips.If you are still managing with spreadsheets, you are like many small businesses who are daunted at the time and expense of setting up a proper database.

The good news is that using modern computing tools, we can make quick work of what can appear to be an overwhelming task. We’ll find the best database to suit your needs, building a foundation that’ll support your business as it grows. We can also integrate it into your website, or even create a mobile version, so your data is widely accessible.

We Add Clicks To Your Mortar

Are you selling your products or services online? If not, you could be missing out on a significant revenue stream. A bricks and mortar presence is fine for the local market, but the Internet has no boundaries. Your competitors could be already stealing your customers through their ‘clicks and mortar’ ecommerce store, so there is no better time to start than now. As they say, the best defense is a good offense.

Fortunately, costs for ecommerce services have fallen substantially in the last 5 years. We can take care of the entire process for you, from building your store to providing back-end solutions like fulfillment and inventory management. With small monthly investments, you can take your business to the next level, potentially reaching a global audience.

Once we’ve built it, we’ll also get them to come. Search engine placement is critical to any business with a website; your customers need to find you before they can buy! Our search engine optimization (SEO) specialists can put a program in place to help boost your site’s rankings, drawing new customers from around the globe.