Finance – Make The Numbers Work For You


We Keep Your Books In Order

Keeping your finances in order can be a challenge. When the receipts, tax forms, and invoices start piling up, it can feel like a long road to get it back under control. You probably have someone help you with the books, but they usually visit you once a month or less. In between, it can be tough to get the answers you need, such as which customers are overdue, can you afford new equipment, and when is the HST payment due?

We’ll help by taking over the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business. Using online software tools, you’ll see exactly what your financial picture is, and better manage your spending and capital investments. We can also do your invoicing, issuing statements quickly to your customers, and following up if they fall overdue. Instead of struggling to understand QuickBooks yourself, you can rely on regular reports that show you what you need to know, and feel in total control of your financials.

We Analyze Your Numbers

Ever wonder if you’ve got the right mix of products and services for your customers? Are you looking to boost revenue from each sale, but aren’t sure how? You are probably already sitting on a wealth of information, but if it is trapped in your accounting software or on copies of your invoices, it isn’t easy to understand.

Using powerful analytical software, along with a hyper-efficient data entry team, we can turn that historical sales data into valuable knowledge. We’ll analyze past and current customer behavior, helping you predict sales trends to both attract new customers and keep existing ones. It’ll be like having a team of financial eggheads in the backroom working for you, giving insights into how to boost revenues, and stay ahead of your competition.

We Evaluate Opportunities To Expand

Thinking of expanding, adding a new product, or launching a new business altogether? Thinking through the details can be time consuming, and doing it well requires solid focus. You need time to research the market, evaluate revenue potential, and take a close look at your cost structure. There is also the ‘what-if’ scenarios to walk through to see just how robust your plan is, and where you can control potential risks. A good business plan is essential.

We’ll help you create that business plan, doing the legwork and analytical number crunching to create a rock-solid plan. We consult with experts to research each of the key drivers to your success, and evaluate the significant risk areas. After working with us, you’ll have a comprehensive plan for launching your new business.

Budgets For The Rest Of Us

For those who answer to investors or banks, prepping financial statements and preparing budgets is a voracious time sink. Days can be lost juggling numbers in Excel, formatting PowerPoint slides and getting everything to line up nicely. In the meantime, your business is suffering without you at the helm.
Why wrestle with spreadsheets twice a year when we can do it for you?

Budgets, forecasts, financial models – they are all straightforward for us. We can get even the roughest worksheets into shape quickly, preparing high quality reports, presentations, or info-graphics that will dazzle your audience. Give us the data, then get back to focusing on your business.