Administration – Support For Your Business


We Add Value To Your Time

During any given day you need a bunch of things done to keep your business running. A morning can slip by just scheduling jobs, making changes to a contract, or calling customers to coordinate delivery. As the first point of contact for your business, you probably have a part-time job doing basic office management. But time spent on administrative tasks is time you can’t spend continuing to grow your business.

Using our virtual assistants, you can free yourself from the burden of these tasks. We can take on almost any business or personal task, from traditional office support to event planning, travel booking, and even website or social media updates. If you are thinking of hiring an office manager, but are worried about the expense, talk to us first. Whether for a one-time project or for long-term support, we can let you get back to focusing on what matters most.

We Keep You Competitive

Do you know what your competitors are charging for their services? Where are the best places for your business to expand? How many retailers also stock your best-selling item? Answering questions like this can help your business grow, become more profitable, or keep pace with new trends in the market. Gathering the necessary information is time-consuming, however, and your time is better spent with customers than scouring the web for reliable data.

Our research specialists can find the information you need, often much more quickly than you can find it yourself. No matter how narrow or specialized your request, we can dig out the answers, letting you reap the rewards without investing tons of time. Whether you are building prospecting lists or gathering background information for a proposal, we’ll ensure you have the right information to give your business an edge.

We Make Sense Of Your Data

Imagine you’ve distributed a customer survey; the results are back, and you want to tabulate them. Who on your staff can handle the task efficiently? Will it be you?   Just about all of us have data we want entered and analyzed. Often that data can yield valuable insights into your customers, product mix, or even employees. If it is stuck on paper, or in a Word document, it isn’t easy to tabulate, and could take weeks to plow through. Fortunately, we can provide top-notch data entry resources to knock-off your project.

Our skilled analysts can organize the results, recommend different ways to analyze your data, and then deliver the key findings. You can request a preliminary analysis, a multi-level analysis of data and findings, or anything in between. You won’t just get a nice spreadsheet or database – you’ll have the answer to the question “what does all this mean?”

We Help You Stay In Contact With Your Customers

More than 50% of first-time callers will not leave a message if they reach an answering machine. That business is lost before you even get to say hello. But if you are like most small businesses, you probably don’t have the resources to answer every call. That’s where our answering services come in.

It’s a simple process: your incoming calls are forwarded to an operator who can take messages and answer simple questions. Depending on your needs, operators can schedule appointments, answer customer questions, receive and forward faxes, and process orders. We can also handle web or social media inquiries, responding to requests and basic questions online, passing along urgent messages to you to deal with right away.Present the right image for your business and let us capture those new customers before they hang up.