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Social Media’s New Clothes

The Adam Ad Group out in British Columbia writes a Monday Morning Motivator column that is definitely worth your time. This week’s article (entitled The Emperor’s New Clothes) discusses the myths behind social media as the next great marketing tool for business. Social media has its place, but one should always approach it in the […]

Don’t Let Social Media Be Your (Only) Strategy

Keep Focused on What Matters Most to Your Business If you’ve been lying awake wondering if you are tweeting enough, or if your Facebook page is getting ‘Liked’ enough, or if you should be ‘checking-in’ with Foursquare, organizing industry Meetups, or getting your blog posts ‘dug’ on Digg, Peter Shankman has this advice: get back […]

Harnessing the Power of the Human Cloud

[Tiny Briefcase was invited to speak at the Business Innovation in Changing Times Conference, hosted by the York Small Business Enterprise Centre at the Glenway Golf Course in Newmarket, on Friday, May 6, 2011. This post is based on that presentation. You can download a text version of the presentation here.] ‘The Cloud’, and its […]